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An exhibition of fire fighting safety services and materials took place in 28-30 November, in Luanda, represented by the SNPCB, INEMA, private fire departments and public and private companies. Nova Sotecma is thankful for the invitation sent by the National Civil Protection and Fire Fighting Service through the Interior Ministry and was represented at the event by the Protection & Safety and Pumping departments.

The department’s mission is to promote the development of a safe professional activity. The products and services commercialised are certified to be accepted and used by the most demanding sectors of the Angolan economy, namely the oil and mining industries, with equipment and accessories for fire safety systems from internationally renowned brands and Individual Protection Equipment (EPI) for fire fighting and chemical intervention with high quality standards.

Still in the same area, we have a vast range of systems, equipment and safety plates available for the Angolan market, translated in fire extinguishers and other extinguishing agents (foam concentrates), as well as automatic fire detection systems (AFDS) and gases, various automatic extinguishing systems for kitchens and server rooms (inert gases) through the analysis and design work by our technical team.

As far as fire fighting equipment is concerned, we also have hoses, rolls, nozzles, water points and all the respective accessories. This specific activity is complemented by support services for the equipment we sell at our own maintenance workshop, as well as replenishment of extinguishers.

The protection of civil construction and public works professions is also an action area at the Protection & Safety department, namely through the sale of fall protection systems and protection and safety equipment by 3M composed by head, eyes, ears, hands and feet protection systems (helmets, goggles, hearing protection, gloves and safety shoes).

As well as this, the Emergency Services and Security Forces can find a wide set of equipment and high level technical solutions, with a special focus on rescue and clearance equipment, such as hydraulic extrication tools, pneumatic lifting cushions, emergency lighting and mechanical traction systems.

Nova Sotecma also offers renowned and high quality Specialised Training courses, namely on the practical use of fire extinguishers, training and specialised fire brigade training for the industry and works in height.

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